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iPad 6th Generation (2018) Repairs

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How much to fix iPad 6th Generation screen?

SimplyFixIt charges £89 to replace an iPad 6th Generation screen, compared to £279 at Apple. This is a saving of £190 and you can still be confident of the quality. You can even split the cost of the repair into 3 payments, using Klarna.

If you have an iPad 6th Generation with a broken screen, SimplyFixIt can help. If your iPad has a battery issue, e.g. it's not charging properly, or it drains too quickly or your iPad 6th Generation randomly restarts. We can fix that too. It doesn't matter if your iPad 6th Generation is Silver, Gold or Space Grey, we can fix it for you. We know that having your iPad 6th Generation is vital to you, so repairs are carried out as quickly as possible.

What needs to be fixed?

iPad 6th Generation Screen Repairs

5-Star Service.
  • Premium Quality Screen

    Great quality at amazing value. Good level of colour saturation, which improves your screen experience.

  • 12 Month Warranty

    Covers faults but not damage. Apple provides a 3-month warranty with their repairs.

  • Deep Clean

    We professionally clean the charging ports, speakers, the earpiece and microphone.

  • Optional Screen Protection

    A tempered glass cover can be fitted to reduce the risk of your screen breaking again.


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Please note:

Liquid Damage:

Liquids and iPad don't mix well. I know that there's lots of stories about rice working, and almost every other repair company talks about fixing liquid damaged devices. We want to be honest with you up front. Nobody can guarantee that an electronic device, which has been wet, will work perfectly again. It can be fine for weeks and then fail out of the blue. The best advice we can give is to get any important data off the device — things like photos — and then move to a new iPad.

If your device has had liquid damage then SimplyFixIt reserves the right to cancel the repair and issue a refund. It's not that we don't like you, but we want to stand by our warranty. If it is possible to get your data off the device, we will notify you so that you can decide how to proceed.

Front Screen Damage:

* In order to carry out this repair, we need to access your iPad through the front screen. If the front screen is damaged then we this will need to be repaired at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the warranty for an iPad 6th Generation screen repair?

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