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4 iPhones side by side. Starting with the iPhone 6s plus, then the iPhone 6s, the iPhone SE and then the iPhone 5c
Only SimplyFixIt offer Mobile Shield warranty options, which even covers accidental damage.

iPhones are brilliant. Until they break.

The iPhone is an amazing phone, but they're not unbreakable. If you've ever been unlucky enough to drop your iPhone onto a pavement or other hard surface it's quite possible that it's suffered a cracked screen, or even worse, had the screen break. You might think you can live with a cracked screen, but you're likely to see other problems develop if the screen isn't repaired. This is because moisture can now get inside your iPhone and cause issues.

We Fix™ iPhones — Thousands of iPhones.

As careful as you might be, the iPhone's screen is still made of glass, albeit a scratch resistant and toughened glass called "Gorilla glass". It’s a horrible feeling — having your iPhone slip from your fingers and tumble to the floor. Then comes the bit where you need to pick up your iPhone, and turning it over slowly, check the screen. That feeling when you see that the glass has broken is gut wrenching, but rest assured that you are not the first person to break their iPhone screen. We have fixed thousands of iPhone screens over the last few years — nearly 200 every week last year. We’re the experts. We hire Apple Certified Technicians, we pay them a Living Wage, and we use the best quality screens for our repairs.

Walk-in iPhone Repairs

There is no need to book an appointment at SimplyFixit. Just take your broken iPhone to your nearest repair centre and we will take care of it. In most cases we will have it back to you within an hour, and 97% of all iPhones are returned the very same day. Most of our repair centres open 7 days a week, with extended opening hours, from 8am until 7pm (Monday – Friday) in our store on Waverley Steps in Edinburgh.

Mail-in iPhone Repairs

If you can’t make it to one of our 8 repair centres in Edinburgh or Glasgow, you can send your iPhone to us for a fast repair. Click to read more about our mail-in iPhone repair service.

Why Choose SimplyFixIt?

90-day Warranty

All of our iPhone repairs come with a 3-month warranty as standard – the exact same as Apple offers. If our installed component or screen isn’t functioning properly, stop by a SimplyFixIt repair centre so we can make it right. Please note that the warranty does not cover accidental or liquid damage.

Customer Reviews

SimplyFixIt is rated an average of 4.8 stars (out of a maximum of 5) by 2516 customers. We’re proud to say that there isn’t any other iPhone repair company in Scotland who has this level of feedback. We use an independent company, who are trusted by Google, to request feedback from our past customers.

Fast Repairs

We pride ourselves in being able to provide a fast and convenient service. Most repairs can be performed the same day and normally iPhone screens are fixed in under an hour

8 Convenient Locations

With repair centres in Edinburgh & Glasgow, an iPhone repair from SimplyFixIt is not far away. Our repair centres at Waverley Steps and Forrest Road in Edinburgh, are open until 7pm during the week. So, don’t suffer with your broken iPhone screen — We can fix it today.

Mobile Shield™ Protection

SimplyFixIt is the only repair centre in the country that offers protection against accidental damage. If your screen breaks again, for any reason, we’ll fix it for free. We call it Mobile Shield™ and it’s only £25 with your iPhone repair.

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