Apple Repairs

SimplyFixIt can repair all of your Apple devices, including iPads, iPods, iMacs and MacBooks. SimplyFixIt offer a complete all round service, with excellent customer service and Apple Certified™ Technicians, including the only Apple Certified Support Professional who is qualified to support OS X 10.10 in Scotland.

iPhone Repairs

Whether it’s an iPhone with a smashed screen or a home button that isn’t responding, we can fix it.

iPhone Repairs

iPad Repairs

iPads get frequently dropped and therefore suffer from cracked glass.

iPad Repairs

Apple Mac Repairs

If you have a broken screen or just in need of backing up your data.

Mac Repairs

Need help with your Mac? No problems!€“ SimplyFixIt provides Apple Mac repair services for your MacBook, Macbook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini or iMac.

As well as standard repairs and troubleshooting, SimplyFixIt can also assist you with:

  • Data back-up and recovery
  • Virus removal
  • Installation of internet security software
  • New Mac set-ups, plus email and wireless network configuration
  • Upgrading software, hardware and networks
  • Specific Mac repairs on MacBooks, iMacs or Mac Minis
  • Preventative maintenance and servicing
  • Are you a small to medium-sized business that operates a network of Mac computers? If so, our Mac repair service is perfect for you. We can tackle any problems quickly and efficiently, helping to minimise downtime and ensure business continuity.

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