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Mac Keyboard Repairs

MacBook Keyboard Replacement Services

Experiencing a bit of a kerfuffle with your MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air's keyboard? Keep calm and carry on, because here at SimplyFixIt, we're ready to roll up our sleeves and get your keys clacking away happily again.

Keyboards on Mac laptops can sometimes throw a wobbly - you might find individual keys being a bit stubborn, entire diagonal rows going on strike (more common than you'd think), keys causing a fuss by typing all the wrong characters, or even the rare yet somewhat dramatic total keyboard failure. This might even make it look like your trusty machine has thrown in the towel since the power button stops responding!

Someone typing on an Apple Mac laptop.

What Issues Might Occur?

MacBook keyboards can be a bit temperamental at times. You might encounter individual keys behaving oddly, entire diagonal rows taking an unexpected hiatus (a surprisingly common occurrence), keys typing the incorrect characters or even the rare but impactful total keyboard failure. Such failures can create the illusion of your beloved machine giving up the ghost because the power button stops responding. Fret not! We're here to remedy these problems.

The Process

Since the introduction of the 2009 MacBook Pro, Apple has been particularly crafty in how they fit keyboards into their laptops. The procedure often involves dealing with a host of tiny screws or rivets that need careful removal and replacement - a task that requires precision and patience. This is why we don't simply sell keyboard parts; we offer an all-encompassing keyboard replacement service. You can ship your device to us or bring it in person for repair.

Saving You Money and Protecting the Environment

The cherry on top? We're able to replace keyboards on their own, without having to switch out the whole top case. You might expect that but Apple don't. They always replace the entire top case. Our way not only saves you money in your pocket, but it also helps cut down on e-waste. It's a win-win if you ask us. We're committed to providing an effective and efficient service that's beneficial to both our customers and the environment.

Typical Reasons for MacBook Keyboard Failure

A cup of coffee sitting right beside an Apple Mac laptop.
  • 95% - Spillages. Keyboards are typically the first casualty when liquids come into play. We understand that you love using your Mac, and that it feels natural to have a coffee or water or even a glass of wine when you're using it. What can go wrong? But even a few droplets can result in entire rows of keys seizing up. On the bright side, the keyboard can sometimes play the hero, trapping small quantities of liquid and slowing their journey to the internal components.

    After a liquid spill, you might have to get a new keyboard, but at least the inside of the laptop has avoided most of the damage. Even ambient moisture, like condensation, can accumulate over time and impair keyboards. I'm not judging, but if you're using your MacBook while you're in the bath, it's going to fail at some stage.
  • 3% - Component malfunction. Keyboards are essentially an array of miniature switches arranged in rows. In a modern computer like an Apple MacBook they can be the only moving part in that laptop. Occasionally, they simply give up the ghost.
  • 1% - Damage to the keyboard controller on the logic board, usually a casualty of liquid incidents. This is very rare, but unfortunately when it happens, it's an expensive fix.
  • 1% - Damage to the cable, sometimes called the "ribbon cable" linking the keyboard to the logic board. To be honest, it's probably even less than 1% of cases.

No matter the issue, we're ready to step in and save the day. Even if you're unsure about the exact problem, SimplyFixIt can help.

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