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Accidents can happen — Everyone knows that. But when that accident ends up breaking the screen on a laptop, it can seem like it's the end of the world. There are no Dell shops or HP shops where you can take your laptop screen to be fixed. The technical support phone numbers for those companies don't seem to care about physical damage like this, and when they do, they want exorbitant prices.

Laptop with a broken screen

SimplyFixIt Fix Laptop Screens

There is another way. SimplyFixIt replace screens for every brand of laptop, including Dell, Sony and Asus. It doesn't matter where you originally bought the laptop, we can make the screen as good as new.

We guarantee to be cheaper than the prices quoted by the original manufacturer. In fact, for most laptops we're cheaper than the excess on a typical house insurance, so there's no need to go through lengthy forms and then watch as your policy goes up in price the following year.

Quality Matters

As with many things, there are different levels of quality. We only deal with the highest quality components, including our laptop screens. We don't fit used or "refurbished" screens, like some companies do. We only use top-grade new screens, and every repair that we carry out comes with a full warranty that protects your laptop screen against manufacturing defects.

Apple Screens

It's not just Windows based laptops that can have broken screens. We fix screens for Apple MacBooks too, using the exact same screens that Apple does. In some cases we're £200 cheaper than Apple, and we can get your MacBook back in your hands faster than Apple. It's terrible when your computer breaks, so we try not to keep it for longer than we have to.

My screen isn't smashed

There are times when the picture on your laptop doesn't look right, but the screen isn't physically damaged. The screen might be dark, where you can see the images if you look at the right angle, but it's definitely too dark. It might be flickering, or the picture shows when you move the screen but as soon as you stop, it goes blank again. Don't worry, whatever is happening to your laptop, we've seen it before. Pop into your nearest store and we'll take a look. It might be a loose cable, or it might be the screen. We'll give you an honest assessment and get your laptop working as quickly as possible.

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