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Laptop Repairs

Whether your laptop is running slowly, or not running at all, we can help. We know computers because we've been fixing them since 1996. Laptops seem cheaper than ever now, so it's easy to think that throwing away the old one and buying a new one is the solution. However, I'd say that in most cases we can save you money by fixing your laptop, or upgrade it to make it even faster than a new one... Much faster. Here are some of the laptop services that SimplyFixIt provides, in order to help you save money.

We Fix all Laptop Brands

A range of laptops, all different brands, to highlight the fact that SimplyFixit can fix any brand of laptop.
Acer laptops fixed.
Samsung laptops fixed.
Sony laptops fixed.
HP laptops fixed.
Dell laptops fixed.
Toshiba laptops fixed.
IBM laptops fixed.
Asus laptops fixed.
Apple laptops fixed.
Compaq laptops fixed.
Fujitsu laptops fixed.
Lenovo laptops fixed.

If your brand isn't here, don't panic; We fix any type of laptop.

Choose your repair:

Slow Laptops

After a while your laptop will feel a lot slower than it used to. With laptop prices so low, it can be really tempting to throw the old one away and invest in a new model. The thing is, cheap laptops are generally slow laptops and might even be as slow as your old one. If you do some upgrades to your current laptop, as well as a clean-out of redundant software, you'll often end up with a laptop that is much faster than even a £400–£500 laptop. We offer a money back guarantee on that. (T&Cs apply. Please ask for details).

So don't put up with a slow laptop, let us make it fast as a flash™

Laptop Screen Repair

Is your screen cracked? Do the images flicker or is the screen just dark? Does your laptop start up but after a while fades to black? No Problem — we see this every day. We keep the biggest range of laptop screens in stock, so in most cases we can fix your screen almost while you wait. For Apple MacBooks, we are considerably cheaper than going to Apple directly for screen repairs.

Laptop Power Problems

The power socket on your laptop, where you connect the power cable, is called a DC Jack. It is very common for the DC jack to break, so don't worry if yours has. We can fix it.

You'll know that your DC Jack is faulty if your laptop only works on battery power and won't charge or if the DC jack feels wobbly and you need to wiggle the power cord around to make it come on. (By the way, "wobbly" & "wiggle" are as close to technical jargon as we get.) Most likely the DC Jack needs to be replaced. It's actually very important to do this because each time you wiggle the connector, you're risking breaking it and sending an electrical surge into the laptop, which can cause data loss.

Most manufacturers don't make the connection between the DC Jack and the board strong enough so they break easily. When we fix it, we'll make sure that it's as secure as it can be. We're so sure of our fixes that if it breaks again within 3 months, for any reason, we'll fix it for free.

Liquid Damage

These days people eat & drink at their desk while using their laptop, so it's quite common for liquid to spill on them. The problem is that laptops don't really like liquid. If you have spilled something on your laptop, the first thing you need to do is remove the battery & power cord if possible. You really don't want to turn on the laptop while there is water in there. Then turn the laptop upside down, so the liquid can hopefully fall out of the keyboard. If it was water, you might be lucky enough that in a couple of days you can power the laptop back on and it will be fine. If it was anything except water, especially alcohol, or sugary drinks, then you want to take your laptop to a specialist as quickly as possible. As the liquid dries, the sugar will corrode the components inside the laptop causing more damage.

We will advise you on what can be done, from rescuing the data off your laptop, right up to stripping the laptop down, cleaning the individual components, and bringing your laptop back to life. In most cases we can clean the laptop and get it working again without any new parts required. But sometimes the keyboard might need to be replaced. In absolute worst case scenarios the Motherboard needs to be replaced.

Laptop Keyboard Repair and Replacement

Is your keyboard missing keys? Did water (or wine) spill on your laptop and now certain keys don't work? Do the keys keep popping off? It's probably time to replace your keyboard. We can replace the keyboard of nearly all brands of laptops, including Apple MacBooks.


Does your laptop work for about 20–30 minutes but then shut off suddenly? Does it get very hot at the bottom? Heat in a laptop is a killer. There are fans inside it to keep it cool but they get clogged up with dust and don't work as well as they should. If your laptop is getting too hot then it will cause irreparable damage to the chips inside it and possible data loss. We can clean the internal fans, which will allow air to flow through the laptop again. We will also refresh the thermal compound on the chips. Thermal Compound helps to get heat away from the important chips, keeping them cool so that they work at full speed.

Our hardware repairs include:

  • Laptop does not power up.
  • Laptop LCD screen is very dim or dark.
  • Nothing is visible on laptop LCD screen but it works if plugged into an external screen.
  • Laptop screen is not turning on.
  • Laptop screen is cracked or damaged.
  • Laptop backlight problem problem.
  • Laptop GPU/ Graphics Distortion on the display.
  • Faulty Laptop Motherboard.
  • Laptop is over heating or shutting down.
  • Laptop keyboard repair.
  • Laptop power adaptor repairs.
  • Loose or broken hinge repairs.
  • Laptop DVD Drive upgrade and replacement.
  • DC jack repairs.
  • RAM Memory upgrades.
  • Replacement of broken or cracked plastic parts.
  • Liquid spill repairs.
  • Component level motherboard repairs.
  • Upgrade of hard disk to SSD.
  • Spare or replacement batteries and power cables.

Our software repairs include:

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