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Virus Removal

What is a Virus, Malware or Spyware?

"Virus"as a word is used to describe malware, spyware, trojan, phishing attacks, worms and of course viruses - but they are all different and have different methods of fixing.

Virus Guide

  • Virus:

    A Computer virus piggybacks on top of other programs or documents infecting the computer.
  • Worm:

    Worms spread by sending copies of themselves across a network, or internet, exploiting vulnerabilities in programs. Worms tend to be written for popular programs like Microsoft Windows or Adobe Flash because the sheer number of users mean that statistically it is a lot more likely that the worm will be successful.
  • Trojan Horse:

    A program that appears useful but contains something harmful. They are generally found in pirate copies of software, e.g. that copy of Microsoft Office on a blank CD that doesn't need a license number.
  • Spyware:

    Software that obtains information from a user's computer without their knowledge. This can include passwords and even credit card information from online banking sites.
  • Adware/Malware:

    Programs that secretly gather personal information through the internet.
  • Botnet:

    A relatively new phenomenon whereby a lot of computers and even Android phones, can be controlled by a Master computer. Each of the computer owners will not know anything about the Botnet, but their computer could be sending out hundreds or thousands of spam emails each day.

How do you do a Virus Removal?

Using a combination of experience and professional tools, we are able to remove all known viruses from your machine. We scan your computer with multiple tools and manually remove some of the more difficult ones. When we are happy that the computer is running well, we'll finish off with a registry and computer clean to make sure nothing nasty is left behind.


Troubleshoot 1 computer using SimplyFixIt proprietary tools check
Remove all viruses, spyware, malware and rootkits on the computer check
Repair any operating system issues (boot issues, blue screens, etc.) using SimplyFixIt tools check
Apply system tweaks and modifications check
Perform operating system critical updates check
Test operating system for proper functionality check
Provide you with an estimated cost for hardware repair(s) or upgrade(s) if they are needed to provide a complete solution check
Back up up to 9GB of your data to external hard drive, DVD disc or flash drive (not applicable online) Add £35

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