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Laptop Power Problems

Laptop not charging? We Fix that.

An example of a laptop charger.

Sometimes your laptop is fine, but the battery won't charge. Sometimes, if you’re having problems charging your laptop, or if your laptop no longer works even when it’s plugged into the wall – this could be a power or DC jack problem. Don’t worry though, we can fix that. You can confirm your problem is a DC jack by walking through the following these easy steps, or by bringing it to your nearest repair centre for a free check.

Laptop power problems checklist

  • Have you tried a new power cable? Sometimes it's not the DC jack at all, and can be the laptop cable or even the fuse that's not working.
  • Sometimes it’s as simple as a new power adapter. If you don’t have one – just bring it by and we’ll try one of ours.
  • Have you tried a new power cable and it still doesn’t work? Or does your power cable work in a friend’s laptop? (they have to be the same laptop. Don't try the wrong power supply in a laptop because that'll cause real damage)
  • This one is pretty conclusive. If a new power cable doesn’t work, it’s definitely a problem with your laptop. Stop by for a free estimate.
  • Is the DC jack on your laptop loose? Do you need to wiggle your cable to get your laptop to charge?
  • This is a classic DC jack issue. Over time, repeated wear & tear can damage a power jack and cause the jack to come away from the motherboard. While it's coming away, you can sometimes make your laptop charge by wiggling the cable. This is not good though, because you're also surging electricity through your laptop and you could end up with a bigger problem than a broken DC Jack. Don’t worry though – we can fix it.

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