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We're not here to sell you iPads or even the idea that iPads could be a revolution in the classroom. We'll leave that to Apple. Their iPad in Education website has a number of case studies and reasons why you should be considering using the iPad in your classroom.

What happens when a screen gets cracked or the home button stops working?
Well there are 3 options.

  • Direct with Apple
  • An Insurance Policy
  • SimplyFixIt

Apple Warranty.

If your iPad is still in warranty then you can return it to Apple for manufacturing defects. However, they will not repair a cracked screen for free. Currently the price for the repair of an iPad is £236 – £276 for a full size iPad and £176 – £186 – £276 for an iPad Mini.

Covered by Insurance.

If you have an insurance policy on the iPads then you may be able to claim through that. Depending on the details of your policy there may be an excess to pay and it may involve being without your iPad for a while. Ultimately it involves paying a fee for every single iPad in the school, whether they are damaged or not.

SimplyFixIt iPad Repairs.

SimplyFixIt wanted to make things better for schools. You're great at teaching. We're great with technology. So we offer

  • Exclusive discounts for schools.
  • Instant credit for all UK schools.
  • Free pickup from the school for 3 or more iPads.
  • Free return delivery back to your school for all iPads.
  • FAST turnaround on all repairs.
  • 3-month warranty on all iPad repairs.

Best of all, you only pay for the iPads that are broken. Why pay an insurance premium for all the iPads in your school if only some of them break?

You're great at teaching. We're great at technology.

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