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iPod Touch LCD Repair

iPod Touch LCD Repair

There are a number of reasons why your iPod Touch may get damaged, a lot is due to the fact that it is so slim and light. One should take preventative measure to ensure that the iPod Touch will not become damaged and causing it to malfunction; the easiest way to protect your iPod Touch is to purchase protection cases. But if something has taken place to prevent your iPod Touch from working you are far better off just sending SimplyFixIt and letting the professional technicians take care of it.

Some signs that Apple iPod Touch LCD repair might be needed are blank screens, a loss of touch capabilities or even songs skipping. Blank or smashed screens are usually the most common issue that the Apple iPod Touch has. This can occur from many things including dropping on hard surface, getting the iPod Touch wet somehow, or leaving in heat to long. All of these issues can be fixed at SimplyFixIt.

This iPod Touch LCD Repair corrects a broken or cracked external glass. It also replaces the digitiser that controls the touchscreen functionality of the device. This repair will correct the following problems: Unresponsive touchscreen - Cracked or damaged screen / glass. The iPod touch glass touch screen, or digitiser, is the most vulnerable part of the device. We will replace your broken screen with a top quality new one.

iPod Touch 4th Generation repairs from £49

The screen on an iPod Touch 4th Generation is a single sealed unit. So whereas the older iPod Touch models allowed for the screen to be separated into 2 component pieces, making the repair cheaper, this is not possible with the iPod Touch 4th Generation. This is because Apple have used a new Retina display, which makes pictures twice as crisp as previous generations of iPod Touch. With this repair your broken iPod Touch 4G glass, digitiser & LCD will be replaced with a brand new Retina display screen assembly.

Older generation iPod Touch Broken Glass, LCD, and Digitiser Repairs

Have you got an older model of the iPod Touch - Is the glass on your iPod Touch cracked or broken? If so, this is the repair service for you. With this repair your broken iPod Touch glass / digitiser will be replaced with a brand new screen.

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