Broken iPad Screen

Have you dropped your iPad only to discover the front glass had cracked or shattered? Maybe your iPad Screen is unresponsive or erratic? Don't worry, we promise that you're not alone. Join the hundreds thousands of happy customers who have their iPad screen fixed by SimplyFixIt. Since we launched the iPad repair service in 2010, we have become the number one iPad screen repair company in Scotland. (We're the only company that publishes how many iPad repairs we did in the last month) too. We got to where we are now by using only the best quality parts and we employ Apple Certified Technicians.

iPad Screen Repair

Cracked iPad glass? Do you know that the Apple warranty will not cover physical damage to the glass on your iPad and will actually charge you over £200 to repair it? So, if the screen broken on your iPad, you need someone who can fix it.

There are actually 2 screens on your iPad. The lower screen controls the images that appear, while the top screen is the glass front. This top screen also controls the "touch" capabilities. If your iPad doesn't recognise your finger swiping, then it could be that your top screen has become faulty or broken. The lower screen is called the LCD, while the top screen is called the digitiser.

iPad Digitiser Repair

Cracked iPad glass? Did it fall and get cracks that look like a spider web? The graphics look fine, just the top glass is shattered? Maybe the screen is not responding to your touch? The top glass screen of the iPad is sometimes called the digitiser (or digitizer for our American friends). This screen controls the touch capability of the iPad and protects the lower screen, which shows the graphics. It's possible for the top digitiser screen to be smashed and the graphics to look fine underneath. We will remove the smashed screen and replace it with a new screen so it looks as good as new.

The digitiser is a very important part of your iPad. If the digitiser cracks or breaks, the functionality of the iPad is affected and it is difficult to use the iPad. If you have a cracked iPad screen and you are in Edinburgh or Glasgow, then you can pop into any of our repair centres for a fast service. If you are outside of Edinburgh or Glasgow, then we can also help. Click on Nationwide iPad Repairs to get details on how to send us your iPad for a fast repair.

Broken iPad Digitiser Symptoms:

  • iPad glass cracked
  • Digitiser not responding to your finger swipes
  • Top glass smashed or shattered
  • The on-screen keyboard does not work
  • Glass is scratched

*Please note that if the back case of your iPad is bent, even slightly, there may be a chance that the new screen may not fit flush in the iPad. In some cases, the aluminium back case can be re-formed to fit the glass. We normally do that at no extra charge, but it will never be completely smooth as the original pre-smash condition. In very rare cases the back case may need to be replaced as well. Our technicians will notify you if this is the case, because it will add some cost to the repair.

iPad LCD Repair

The LCD screen on the iPad is the lower screen. It displays the graphics. It's generally a very reliable part, but can break from a fall, or from liquid getting into your iPad. If you see coloured lines, grey lines, white spots, dead pixels on the screen or ff the display is completely white, flickering or bleeding, no back-light it has to be replaced. The lower LCD screen on your iPad is normally protected from knocks by the top glass screen, but even still it can break. Sometimes it starts with graphics corruption, which gradually gets worse. Sometimes it is a totally white screen.

Broken iPad LCD (Lower Screen) Symptoms:

  • Display screen cracked or broken
  • LCD "bleeding" or "black ink stain"
  • Display blank or very dark
  • LCD flickering
  • vertical lines visible on your screen
  • Dead pixels on display
  • graphics corruption, e.g. red marks appearing randomly

Laminated screens on newer iPads

With some iPads, the iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4 and the iPad Pro (all sizes), Apple changed the way that the screens are put together. In order to remove the air gap between the LCD and the digitiser, Apple now "laminate" the LCD, which basically means that the glass is sealed to the LCD. This has the effect that the iPad can be much slimmer, and if you use a stylus (Apple Pencil) with your iPad, the images will draw directly under the tip of the pencil.

It also reduces glare and reflections, so you get richer colours and better contrast. To be honest, it's a much better screen than the previous iPads. But if the glass breaks, it is not possible to remove it as a single component. The cover glass, touch sensor and the LCD are bonded together and need to be replaced as a set.

2 ipads, side by side, on a bright summer's day. The one on the left has a laminated screen and has a lot less glare than the previous type of iPad screen

The laminated screens have much less glare than the older screens

a screen showing the different layers of a laminated iPad screen

While you wait repairs

There are a lot of websites offering to fix iPads in 30 minutes or while you wait. They're obviously doing that because nobody wants to be without their iPad for any length of time. But all too often we've seen customers bring iPads to us after they have been at other stores, and there might be still pieces of glass in the device. Or the technician cut corners with the assembly to put it back together again so quickly. We are different. We do know that you want your iPad back fast, but the quality of the repair is very important to us. So we don't rush repairs to hit an unrealistic 30-minute timescale. Our Apple Certified Technicians ensure that every piece of glass is removed and the iPad is as good as it can be, after a repair.

Don't try this at home

Every day we see people who have tried to repair their own iPad screen. There are "tutorials" all over the internet explaining how easy it is. It is not easy and you can cause permanent irreparable damage to your iPad if you break one of the tiny connectors on the main board. Our technicians are Apple Certified and have repaired a lot of iPads. You wouldn't consider replacing the screen in your TV set, so please leave your iPad repair to the experts.

Stop Press:

Recently a BBC technology reporter tried to repair her own iPad for an episode of "Click", which is the BBC's gadget show. She spent £15 on parts from eBay, which clearly won't have been a very good quality screen, but that's pretty much all that's available to the public. She didn't have the tools so she went to a local computer repair centre and they let her borrow the tools and supervised what she was doing so that she didn't get any electric shocks or cut her finger with the glass. The repair took her 7 hours and she broke the GPS antenna, which thankfully is one of the least important cables. But it shows that even a professional technology journalist, working under supervision, with tools from a computer store struggled with the repair and even after 7 hours wasn't able to say that it was fully repaired. I say, leave it to the people who have been certified by Apple as trained technicians.

If you are unsure of what type of iPad you have, either read our guide at What model iPad do I have? or else pop into any of our repair centres and we can tell you straight away.

iPad repair prices: SimplyFixIt vs Apple.

Device SimplyFixIt Price Apple Price
iPad 1 or 2£89£246.44
iPad 3 or 4£89£296.44
iPad Air£99£246.44
iPad Air 2£289£296.44
iPad Mini, Mini 2 (Retina)£99£196.44
iPad Mini 3 (Retina)£99£296.44
iPad Mini 4 (Retina)£199£296.44
9.7-inch iPad Pro£269£356.44
12.9-inch iPad Pro£349£556.44

Not sure what iPad you have ? Read our guide to iPad models.
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