Nationwide iPad Repairs

If you can’t make it to a SimplyFixit Repair Centre, we can still fix your iPad. You can post it to us, and in most cases we will have it back with you within 48 hours*, with a brand new screen. We fix hundreds of iPads each month for customers all over the U.K, even as far south as Cornwall. Our Apple certified technicians are always working really hard to ensure that our repairs meet the highest standards.

Click to print out a repair authorisation form. Please complete it and put your iPad and the form in the post to us. We really recommend using a service like Royal Mail Special Delivery, so that the delivery is tracked and you have compensation cover for up to £500. As soon as your iPad arrives at SimplyFixIt, we’ll be in touch to let you know.

Send your iPad to us for a FAST repair

*At SimplyFixIt, we believe doing things right is better than doing things fast, so there will be some cases we need just a bit longer to get your iPad ready. Don’t worry though, as soon as it’s complete, we’ll be in touch to let you know so we can arrange express delivery back to your home or workplace.

SimplyFixIt iPad Repairs

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Thousands of devices fixed.

We Fix MacBooks, iPads, iPhones and Windows laptops for people from all over the country, not just Edinburgh and Glasgow. Chances are that you live close to one of our customers already. This is a map of the people that we have helped, who live outside of Edinburgh & Glasgow, in the last 30 days. They have posted us their device. We have fixed it, and returned it by overnight insured courier.

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Send your device to us via Royal Mail Special Delivery, which should provide you with adequate insurance. We will fix it and return it to you without any fuss.

We have applied a fuzziness to the location markers so they don't show the exact location of our customers. The markers fall in a slightly different location each time, but the general area is correct.

iPad 1 & 2 Screen Repairs

iPad 1 and 2 glass repairs
iPad 1 or 2 glass replacement: £79
iPad 1 and 2 LCD repairs
iPad 1 or 2 LCD replacement: £99

Original iPad 1 or iPad 2 screens repaired from £79 including return delivery.

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iPad 3 Screen Repairs

iPad 3 glass repairs
iPad 3 glass replacement: £79
iPad 3 LCD repairs
iPad 3 LCD replacement: £99

The first retina iPad, but the last one to have the classic wide charging port. Officially called "New iPad". Replacement screens available in black or white for £79.

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iPad Retina 4 Screen Repairs

iPad 4 glass repairs
iPad 4 glass replacement: £79
iPad 4 LCD repairs
iPad 4 LCD replacement: £99

The iPad 4, or "iPad Retina Display" was the first iPad with the lightning charging port. A new screen is available in black or white for £79

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iPad Air Screen Repairs

iPad Air glass repairs
iPad Air glass replacement: £99
iPad Air LCD repairs
iPad Air LCD replacement: £99

The latest (at time of writing) full sized iPad. Launched in 2013, it is unbelievably thin and light. Black screens are available for the Space Grey model and white screens are available for the silver model. Repair costs £99 including return postage.

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iPad Mini (non-Retina) Screen Repairs

iPad Mini glass repairs
iPad Mini glass replacement: £99
iPad Mini LCD repairs
iPad Mini LCD replacement: £99

The iPad Mini is available in Space Grey or Silver. It is the perfect size for using on the go, which unfortunately means that it is one of the most common iPad repairs that we see. A replacement screen in black or white costs £99, including return postage.

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iPad Mini Retina Screen Repairs

iPad Mini glass repairs
iPad Mini glass replacement: £99
iPad Mini LCD repairs
iPad Mini LCD replacement: £99

The iPad Mini with Retina Display. A resolution of 2048 x 1536 in a 7.9"screen. Small wonder that it's been such a success for Apple. If the screen on your iPad Mini (with Retina display) breaks, do not worry. We can replace it with a new screen for £99, including return postage.

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Mobile Shield™

Apple Beating Repair Warranty

So the worst thing has happened. You have broken the screen on your iPhone or iPad. But never fear, SimplyFixIt have come to the rescue and put a brand new screen on there. Crisis over.

You swear that in future, you will protect your iPhone like it was made of glass. But one day you’re standing there minding your own business, reading your tweets when it slips out of your hands again and breaks. What are you supposed to do now?

Up to now, all iPhone & iPad repair companies have expected you to pay again. Apple expect you to pay again. But at SimplyFixIt we want to be the best, so we looked at this from a customer point of view. How good would it be if the 90-day warranty included accidental damage to the screen? We think that it would be amazing. [ Continue Reading…]

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SimplyFixIt vs. Apple Prices.

Is your iPad screen broken? The natural thing to do is take it back to Apple, right? It’s under warranty isn’t it? Breaking a screen is not a warranty issue. You will be charged by Apple if you take in your iPad with a smashed screen. But how much do they charge? [ Continue Reading…]

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Track your iPad

We use Royal Mail Special Delivery to return your iPad. You can track your iPad using the Track & Trace system:

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