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If you have an iPhone XS Max with a screen that is cracked, has a distorted image, no image, or is otherwise broken, then SimplyFixIt can help. If your iPhone has a battery issue, e.g. it's not charging properly, or maybe the battery drains too quickly or your iPhone XS Max shuts down when it reaches 30% battery? We can fix that too. It doesn't matter if your iPhone XS Max is Gold, Silver or Space Grey, we can fix it for you. We know that your iPhone XS Max is important to you, so most repairs are carried out within an hour whenever possible.

Quality of components.

Not all iPhone components are created equally. When we first started iPhone repairs, Apple would make genuine parts available for companies like ours to carry out repairs. But as they have moved more towards pushing people towards replacing damaged devices, rather than repairing them, they have restricted the availability of some genuine Apple parts. Due to our history of our iPhone repair service we have been able to build relationships with the people who make the screens and we are able to fit high quality components in all of our repairs. Put simply, we don't use cheap screens that we've bought from eBay and we didn't learn our craft from watching YouTube videos.

Our Guarantee

SimplyFixIt uses Apple Certified Technicians to carry out repairs on Apple devices, including the iPhone XS Max. There isn't anyone else in Edinburgh or Glasgow who uses technicians who have been certified by Apple. We back that up with a 3-month or 12-month warranty on all iPhone XS Max repairs.

iPhone XS Max Screen Repairs

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Our lowest ever price.
  • Great Quality LCD Screen

    Best quality available for this price.

  • 3 Month Warranty

    Covers faults but not damage.


5-Star Service.
  • Premium Quality LCD Screen

    Better colour saturation, which improves your screen experience. Includes TrueTone for iPhone 8 and later

  • 12 Month Warranty

    Covers faults but not damage.

  • Half Price Repairs

    If your screen is damaged again in the next 6 months, we’ll fix it for half price.

  • Deep Clean

    We professionally clean the charging ports, speakers, ear-piece and microphone.

  • Extra Screen Protection

    Tempered Glass Cover fitted to reduce the risk of your screen breaking again.

How much does Apple charge to replace the screen on an iPhone XS Max?

Apple charge £326.44 to replace an iPhone XS Max screen in the UK, according to their website. An iPhone XS Max screen replacement at SimplyFixIt costs £115, so you can save £211.44 and be confident because you're using a Which? Trusted Trader.

Can you replace the battery in an iPhone XS Max?

The way that all batteries work, not just smartphone batteries, is that over time they lose their capacity. In most cases if you charge a battery fully 500 times, the difference in performance will be very noticeable. 500 charges on a smartphone is probably done in under 2 years, so if your iPhone XS Max is over 2 years old, you will see much better performance with a new battery. SimplyFixIt is cheaper than Apple for all iPhone battery replacements. We also offer discounts if you are replacing the battery during a screen repair.

Can I get an OLED screen for my iPhone XS Max repair?

For some iPhones, Apple uses what's called an LCD screen. On some of the newer ones, they use an OLED screen. OLED screens are a little brighter and the colours & contrast ratio won't be quite the same. But, remember that, until a couple years ago, most iPhones had LCD displays. Apple was so happy with LCD displays that they continued to use them long after Samsung switched to OLED, and they still uses LCD screens in the iPhone 8, XR and even the iPhone 11 model. We have sourced the best quality LCD screens for each iPhone, including the iPhone XS Max. For most people these screens are visibly indistinguishable from the OLED and they represent a big saving on the cost. The OLED screen can be a little brighter though so if you would prefer an OLED screen then we can certainly do that. It will cost £135 for a Standard repair, or £150 for a Deluxe repair.

Can you unlock an iPhone XS Max?

There are lots of shops offering to unlock iPhones. The truth is that they just take your money and use a 3rd party to do it. No shop can unlock an iPhone XS Max because you need a relationship with the mobile network and Apple to do it. All they are doing is acting like a middle-man. The best way to unlock an iPhone is to ask your mobile network to do it. If that's not possible, or if they won't unlock the iPhone for some reason, then DirectUnlocks are a good option.

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