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How much to replace iPad screen?

Is your iPad screen broken? The natural thing to do is take it back to Apple, right? It's under warranty isn't it? Unfortunately not. Breaking a screen is not a warranty issue and you will be charged by Apple if you take in your iPad with a smashed screen. But, how much do they charge? According to

Why is Apple so expensive for iPad repairs?

In 2010, Which? asked the question, "Is Apple's own repair service a rip-off?" and came to the conclusion that Apple want you to buy a new model if your current iPad breaks.

Apple will argue that they don't actually repair your iPad, they replace it with another one, so their high prices are acceptable. They believe that's a positive thing. A lot of people don't agree. The iPad isn't always a new one. It might be one that has been repaired previously. If you have any photos or songs that haven't been backed up, you will lose them. If you have had your iPad personalised, such as an engraving, you lose that too. In fact, although the people who work at Apple seem to be very friendly, the policy of the company seems to be one of, "we'd prefer you just bought a new one, but ok here's a second-hand one that you can have for quite a high price". SimplyFixIt will replace the screen on your iPad with a new one. You keep your songs and photos etc. You keep any sentimental value that's attached to your iPad too.

In terms of a warranty, PC Retail, which is the industry bible, despite the PC name, said that SimplyFixIt's iPad warranty was "Apple Beating".

High repair price to force re-buy?

Maybe it's a case of brand reassurance? Perhaps shoppers, having paid a princely sum for their beloved iPhone, are unwilling to trust anyone but Apple with repairing it. Fair enough, but could Apple have a more sinister motive?

By charging a high price – and Apple isn't alone in its approach – could it be actively putting people off getting a repair to sway them towards a new model?

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