Mobile Shield™ Warranty — Accidental Damage Warranty for your iPhone


Accidental Damage protection for your screen.

So the worst thing has happened. You have broken the screen on your iPhone or iPad. But never fear, SimplyFixIt have come to the rescue and put a brand new screen on there. Crisis over.

You swear that in future, you will protect your iPhone like it was made of glass. But one day you're standing there minding your own business, reading your tweets when it slips out of your hands and breaks again. What are you supposed to do now?

Apple Beating Warranty

Up to now, all iPhone & iPad repair companies have expected you to pay again. Apple expect you to pay again. But at SimplyFixIt we want to be the best, so we looked at this from a customer point of view. How good would it be if the 90-day warranty included accidental damage to the screen? We think that it would be amazing. So that's what we're offering. The only warranty of its kind in the UK, offering protection against accidental damage. It's called Mobile Shield™ and PC Retail magazine, which is the industry bible for retail computer shops in the UK, described it as an Apple beating warranty.

Accidental damage warranty

From , all iPhone & iPad screen repairs will have the option of upgrading to MobileShield and moving your warranty to accidental damage protection for only £1 a week.

That's total protection for your screen, no matter what happens. If it falls and smashes, we'll fix it for free. If you stand on it, we'll fix it for free. If you break your iPhone screen by perching it above the elliptical trainer, so that you can work out while watching "Family Guy" clips, and the earphone cord snags, hurtling the iPhone to the ground, we'll fix that screen for free.

  Standard Warranty Mobile Shield Apple Care+
Length of Cover 90 Days 12 Months 24 Months
Incidents of Accidental Damage 0 3 2
Excess you need to pay 0 0 £25
Cost of Cover 0 £25 £119

Only SimplyFixIt offers you

  • Apple Certified Technicians.
  • High quality parts.
  • Mobile Shield™ warranty.

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