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Mobile Shield™ Warranty


Accidental Damage Warranty for your iPhone

Cracked your iPhone or iPad screen? Don't panic! SimplyFixIt is here to save the day with a brand new screen. But wait, there's more!

Ever found yourself promising to treat your iPhone like a delicate piece of glass, only to drop it while scrolling through social media? We've all been there. But with SimplyFixIt, those days are over.

Introducing the UK's Only Apple-Beating Warranty

Other repair companies? They'll make you pay again. Apple? They'll make you pay again. But SimplyFixIt? We're different. We're better. We've crafted a warranty that's all about you.

Imagine a 12-month warranty that includes accidental damage to the screen. Sounds amazing, right? That's Mobile Shield™, and it's been hailed as an "Apple-beating warranty" by PC Retail magazine, the UK's leading industry voice.

Get Mobile Shield™

From January 1, 2024, you can upgrade your iPhone screen repair with MobileShield for just £1 a week, and move your warranty to accidental damage protection.

Total protection, no exceptions. Drop it? We'll fix it for free. Step on it? We'll fix it for free. Even if you're watching "Family Guy" on the elliptical and send your iPhone flying, we'll fix that screen for free.

Why Choose SimplyFixIt?

Only We Offer:

  • Apple Certified Technicians: Trust the experts.
  • High Quality Parts: Only the best for your device.
  • Mobile Shield™ Warranty: Unmatched protection for your screen.

With Mobile Shield™, you're not just buying a warranty; you're investing in peace of mind.

Get protected. Get SimplyFixIt. Get Mobile Shield™.

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