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Why does my battery not last as long as before?

an iphone with the low=battery indicator on the screen.

All rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan and may eventually need to be serviced or recycled. Current battery technology keeps them going for 500 full charges. That's going from 0% to 100%, like an overnight charge. Once a battery has been charged 500 times, it will start to deteriorate. Some people are lucky and they get hundreds more charges. Some people notice straight away that their iPhone battery life barely lasts a whole day.

500 Charges

500 charges, or "Cycles", feels like a lot, but if you charge your iPhone every single night, you could get to 500 full charges before the end of the second year of owning your iPhone. If you own an iPhone earlier than the iPhone 13 then it's almost definitely worth replacing the battery. You will see substantially better battery life.

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Apple Batteries

A warning on an iPhone which says that the iPhone is unable to verify if the battery has a genuine Apple battery installed

For years Apple would make their batteries available as a spare part that we could buy, but not so long ago they stopped. And then introduced what they call "paired component messages" on the iPhone 11 or later, which appear if someone other than Apple carries out a battery repair. For a few days after the repair, a message will appear that says, "Unable to verify if this iPhone has a genuine Apple battery"

The underhand part of this though, is that even if you swap the batteries between 2 identical iPhones, both will still show this message. The message has nothing to do with the quality of the new batteries, it has everything to do with the fact that Apple didn't get paid to do the repair themselves. I really like Apple devices. I like their sense of style. I like their quality and their attention to detail. But this, from the biggest company on the planet, really feels like it's anti-competitive. Luckily, it only lasts a few days. You can read more about it at Apple's Paired Component Warnings.

Compare Apple vs SimplyFixIt for Battery Replacement

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Cheaper than the Apple storeYesN/A

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