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Epson Express Service Centre at SimplyFixIt

All of the SimplyFixIt stores are Epson Express Service Centres, which means that Epson printers can be fixed there no matter where you originally bought them from. Plus, if the printers are in warranty, there is no cost to you for the printer repairs. SimplyFixIt are the exclusive Epson Express Service Centres for Edinburgh and the Lothians, but, even if you bought the printer from another store, we can still do your warranty printer repairs – for free

How the Epson Express Service Centre works

If you are experiencing a problem with your new Epson Stylus inkjet printer, simply visit our Epson Express Service Centres in Edinburgh and our Epson-trained staff will put the following step-by-step process into action:

  • Warranty confirmed. Your proof of purchase and warranty details will be confirmed and matched to your printer. (Where not applicable, alternative service advice will be provided).

  • Reported problem investigated. The printer will be examined and the extent of the problem and possible causes assessed.

  • First possible resolution –€“ problem solved for original printer. If no service parts or assembly changes are required, the problem will be cleared. For driver related problems, a copy of the latest Epson printer driver can be provided. There will be no fee for repair or evaluation for printers under warranty.

  • Second possible resolution –€“ printer replaced. If the problem cannot be fixed on the original printer, a permanent replacement will be offered.

Epson Printer Out of Warranty?

We also carry out "Out of warranty" service and repairs to Epson Printers at very Competitive Rates.

Recycling Inkjet Cartridges.

For environmentally friendly disposal, you can return your empty Epson ink cartridges to your nearest SimplyFixIt Epson Express Centre free-of-charge.

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