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Quick and good repair our the festive period.

Only complaint is they charged me £30 extra for something that needed doing without asking me if I wanted it done. I feel they should have consulted me before.


Fast and efficient


Staff dealt efficiently with my description of problems with my lap top.
Contacted me next day to say what repairs were needed and clear account of cost given.Contacted by text to arrange for collection and by email to make secure payment.
Collected laptop at door of shop as Covid restrictions now in place. That was well done. Praise for staff providing a very good service in what are now difficult and challenging circumstances to provide a service for the public.


Very satisfied with the customer support I received. Nothing was too much trouble and staff answered all questions in a manner I could understand. Quick and very efficient service.


Understood the issue and how to resolve very quickly. Upgrade to the iMac is perfect




Just excellent support. Without a doubt, the place to bring a device for repair or update. Many thanks.


The problem with my laptop was quickly diagnosed and a replacement part sourced and fitted before Xmas. I really like dealing with SimplyFixIt as all the staff are helpful and knowledgeable. I think the systems you have are good and the service is excellent.
Thanks again!!


Fast turnaround, decent new screen for my iPhone 11.


Quick service and very good work. Did seem a little pricey but nothing to compare that too.

The computer & iPhone repair industry has become increasingly competitive over the last couple of years, with many new start ups entering the market.

Unfortunately, some companies have chosen to trick customers into believing that they are something they are not, by making unbelievable claims as to their credibility. With a little research, customers can avoid a dodgy repair and wasting time and money with these companies.

Question 1 : How long has the company been around?

There are some repair businesses that make claims to having 5 to 10 years experience, yet have only been around for a few months. A quick business name search can tell you when the business was established. Since we started as Ideal Computing in 1996 we've seen a lot of companies come and go.

Question 2 : Are there any independent reviews?

Happy customers will leave reviews and recommend others. It is interesting to see that many of our competitors who claim to have been around for years and have done thousands of repairs do not have a single person who has written a good thing about them. Check independent review sites such as Yelp, or eKomi and other forums to see if anyone has had a good (or bad) experience with your repairer.

SimplyFixIt customers have left over 2,700 reviews on Google through independent feedback collector eKomi and lots more comments can be found on independent forums.

Question 3 : How many repairs have they really done?

Some companies, which are only a few years old, are claiming 10,000 to 40,000 repairs. If you do the maths over how long they have been trading, some of them must have their technicians doing over 200 repairs a day. SimplyFixIt is the only local company dedicated to repairs with over 30 full time technicians. We have completed over 100,000 repairs to date (correct at July. 2016), and are the preferred repairer for over 300 schools and businesses around Edinburgh.

Question 4 : Is it Cash Only?

Some businesses are not registered for VAT and only accept cash. While this arrangement has its obvious tax benefits for the business and possibly their pricing, you have to ask yourself whether they will be around to honour their warranty if anything goes wrong. These businesses are focused on short term benefit and may not be looking too far ahead. These businesses tend to pop up one day and disappear a little while down the track.

You can check this information on the European Commission VAT number validation website.

SimplyFixIt accepts VISA, VISA Debit, MasterCard, Maestro, Apple Pay and, of course, cash payments.

There are many repair businesses with flashy websites filled with false claims designed to make them seem legitimate. We encourage customers to look beyond the website and spend a couple of minutes doing a background check to see what experiences other customers have had, and whether the claims made on the website are true. A business that makes false claims may not be entirely honest when it comes to looking after your laptop or phone that has a lot of confidential information and photos on it.