Broken MacBook Screen

Broken MacBook Screen? Who do you call?

Making your first Apple MacBook purchase can be exciting and rightly so as it is one of the most wanted technology items to hit the world. The technology of your MacBook amazes even the professionals but unfortunately as much as you take care of your computer accidents can occur and this can sometimes mean that your pride and joy gets damaged in the process. Many accidents are cheap to repair such as a broken key but what do you do if you have a broken MacBook screen?

Your first point of call is likely to be to contact Apple but is this the right decision?

Unfortunately repairing your broken MacBook screen will not be cheap. Out of all the components on your computer the screen is the most expensive element and this is one of the reasons that Apple can retail its Mac Mini at such` a reduced price compared to a standard sized Mac.

If you were to go the extra mile when you made your initial purchase and took out AppleCare which is an extended warranty then you are covered for the majority of issues that may occur with your MacBook but did you know that if you were to break your screen it is not covered by Applecare?

Repairing a broken screen is not black and white because if you have contacted Apple you will soon realise that they charge at least £400 for a replacement screen. When the cost of a MacBook Pro laptop retails around £999 for a brand new, you are likely to consider purchasing a new laptop.

Rest assured though that Apple is not your only option!

In today's day and age instead of a dog being man's best friend it is now your laptop. No longer is it just a workstation but your companion but you wouldn't expect to pay on average of £400 to fix your best friends face if you were to drop a book onto it.

SimplyFixIt is the answer for your broken MacBook screen.

SimplyFixIt can fix the broken screen on your MacBook.  If you just broke the glass screen or you dented the top and broke the LCD, we can repair it for you fast.  Our price on a MacBook screen repair is about half of what Apple charge.  If you need a MacBook screen repair in Edinburgh and want it done right call us now.

You will be welcomed by a team of professional engineers that have the experience and expertise to fix your Apple product at a fraction of the price that Apple would charge. We take pride in ensuring that our customers' needs are priority which is why we will get your broken MacBook screen fixed in no time at all.

From start to finish you will receive a high standard of customer service and you can rest assured that your "€œbest friend"€ is in capable hands as we only employ Apple Certified Mac Technicians (ACMT) who have been specifically trained by Apply to fix MacBooks. You can also expect to receive genuine Apple parts in replace of your broken Apple parts at a fraction of the price charged by Apple.

Depending on the age and model of your MacBook we charge as low as £200 £139 to repair your broken MacBook screen, which is a welcome change compared to Apple. We do not compromise on quality either, as our number one goal is to take pride in our services meaning our customers have confidence in us.

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