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Mac Broken Case

Cracked Mac lids A cracking case. It's an unfortunate defect that leaves the interior of the computer vulnerable. Liquid, dust and dirt, and even moisture is more likely to sneak it's way in if you're not careful. The cracking case can occur on the top or the bottom of the interior casing. It's caused by closing the top of the computer too quickly repeated attempts will start cracking the case slowly, on top or bottom… or both.
Those of you who are still stuck with one of these mac broken cases or cracked Mac cases, have 2 options. First, you can live with the cracks. Second, you can take your cracked Mac in for repair, which might be your only option if your one-year limited warranty and AppleCare have already expired. Simply bring it into SimplyFixIt and we will give it a new case. Types of Mac Case Repair Your Mac may need more than one part replace - it might be the back lid, bottom case repair, the front bezel replaced or the mac left or right hinge mended or completely replaced. The cracking defect often develops after a matter of months of normal usage and is recurrent. The problem seems to be linked to the design of the plastic cases, whatever the reason for the broken mac case we can SimplyFixIt.

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