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Windows 10: Do you miss the Windows 7 Control Panel?

By now, many of you will have upgraded to Windows 10. I upgraded my tablet and found the new menus fantastic to navigate, but there were some options I couldn't see because I was used to the older Windows 7-style control panel.

Here's how you can create a shortcut on your desktop background to quickly jump to the menu that we all know:

  1. Click on the search box in the bottom left of your screen, where Cortana greets you
  2. The search bar is on the bottom left of the screen on a Windows 10 desktop.
  3. Type "desktop icons" into the box and click the top search result
  4. As you search for Desktop Icons you will see a list of search results.
  5. Choose the options you want to enable and hit Apply. In this case we would choose that we want to see Control Panel on the desktop.
  6. Choose what icons you want on the desktop, including the classic Control Panel

That's it. You will have quick and easy access to whichever menu suits you most.

Here's a picture that shows how they compare side-by-side on one of our Windows 10 laptops:


Comparing the standard Windows 10 control panel layout beside the classic, Windows 7, style control panel.


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