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Why does my iPhone or iPad suddently cut out and lose power?

If you've landed on this page, it may be because you're having difficulties with your iPhone or iPad. I know it's happened to me. I've woken up, seen that my battery is a bit low so quickly charged up to about 60% before I left for work. That should probably have been enough for a day. Then boom (metaphorical boom - it's not a Samsung), my iPhone cuts out at 23% and I'm left wondering why.

An iPhone lying on a table. It has a low battery warning on the screen.

It could be one of a few things, and I'm going to run through the first steps you should take. If you get through these 4 steps and your iPhone or iPad is still causing difficulties, you should probably arrange to have the battery replaced. I'm not recommending cheap batteries off eBay, or unofficial third party batteries which don't last, or worse, swell and then cause irreparable damage to components around it. Speak to a company like SimplyFixIt who will generally use the same batteries as Apple. Cheap batteries are such a false economy.

But first, let's see if we can fix your iPhone...

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