Cracked your iPhone screen? Change your wallpaper.

Smartphones have changed the world. There's around 83 million of them in use in the UK according to Wikipedia, so everybody has at least one, and clearly some have more than one. They aren't perfect though. The glass screens that everybody loves, can break. There was a time when phones were made with horrible plastic screens that didn't break, but there was no touch control; there was no high colour displays but there was a lot of scratches. The problem with the glass is that it breaks. When it does, you should get it fixed straight away. Everyone knows that, but in real life sometimes, you need to wait until the end of the month before you can get to your nearest SimplyFixit, right?

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Until then, why not change the wallpaper on your iPhone? Seriously.

Every time you take a broken iPhone out to use the screen, you will be reminded of what happened. You will know deep down that little pieces of glass are probably embedding themselves in your thumb, and moisture is getting into the phone, which means it'll break completely in a little while. But at least you can have a wee chuckle when you see your wallpaper. You’ll notice from some of the images that this works perfectly fine on Samsung Galaxy or any brand of smart phone too.  :)

Of course, you should get your iPhone repaired as soon as possible though, even if this does take the sting out of it slightly

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