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Unlock your LG Mobile Phone

If you own an LG mobile phone and want that handset to be able to take a sim card from any one of the numerous mobile network providers around the world, then unlocking your LG phone will be the best option for you. Sometimes going straight to the network provider isn't an option, that’s why we have tried and tested MobileUnlocks as an alternative way to unlock your LG smartphone.

How to unlock an LG phone

Unlocking your LG smartphone will give you a greater amount of freedom in regards to mobile costs and the choice to use the service provider that is best suited to you and your usage. Not all service providers offer the same deals, and you could find yourself with a service provider that doesn’t quite match your needs as a customer. Unlocking your handset with MobileUnlocks removes this barrier and opens you up to so many more options.

Most people are now realising that once their contracts are up with their current providers, they can switch to a sim only deal while continuing to use the same LG smartphone. In most cases this is likely to cut your monthly bill by at least half. But if you don’t unlock the handset, your options will remain limited.

There are comparison sites that specialise in finding you the best possible sim card deals on the market, whether that’s pay monthly deals or pay as you go, why not give yourself the option and freedom to choose which suits you best. And not what suits the LG smartphone you happen to be using.

It is also a great advantage to have your LG smartphone unlocked when travelling abroad, this gives you the option to purchase a local sim card for the time you are away, helping keep your usage costs to a minimum.

Keeping your LG smartphone may not be the reason for you wanting to unlock the handset either. There are numerous reasons why unlocking is a great option to have, you may decide to sell the handset after your current contract is up. Unlocking the device will make it easier to sell and will no doubt add value to the sale. Is it a known fact that unlocked handsets sell faster and easier than those locked to a specific network provider. The majority of ‘DirectUnlock’ customers were found to be smartphone resellers on market places such as eBay.

In this free guide we will take you through each process involved in the unlocking of your LG smartphone. You may want to go directly to the network provider the handset is locked to, but that’s not always possible. You may have purchased the handset second hand, and that’s where this guide comes in to helping you achieve the unlock.

You may be wondering why your LG smartphone is locked to that specific network at all. The answer is very simple, companies will do almost anything to keep their customers, and mobile network providers are no different. They want to make it as difficult as possible for you to be tempted to a different network, and this includes locking your LG device to them.

Is unlocking an LG phone legal?

It is completely legal in the UK to unlock your LG smartphone, there are no laws that restrict you from doing so. If you still have a short time left on your contract, it may be worth waiting until this has ended before unlocking. Most network providers will unlock the device for you if you own it outright. But they won't make it easy for you.

There are three main steps to unlocking your handset.

  • Step one is to check whether or not the handset is actually locked to a specific network, there’s no point going any further if the phone is already unlocked.
  • Step two is locating your IMEI number.
  • Step three send your IMEI number to MobileUnlocks.

Is your LG smatphone locked to a specific network?

The simplest way to check if the device is unlocked is to insert a sim card from a different network provider and see whether or not the LG handset accepts it. Ask a friend who is with a different network provider to try their sim card in the device. You should be able to tell pretty much straight away if the handset accepts that mobile network. Some phones may need to be restarted with the new sim in order for it to grab the new signal correctly. Once the handset has turned back on, look for the networks signal, if this is not present, then the phone is locked. Also, the device will most likely show an error, either ‘invalid sim’ or it may ask for an unlock code. If there is no error, try making an outgoing call, if this fails to connect, the handset is locked.

Be aware, that some networks will work with others, for eg a Giff Gaff sim card may work in an O2 phone, it's always worthwhile trying different sim cards to be sure.

Locating the IMEI number

The IMEI number is the 15-digit unique code that can be found on every mobile handset, this unique code is like a fingerprint, every handset has one and each code is different to the next. It stands for international mobile equipment identity. Each code ensures the device can be specifically identified.

There are two ways in which you can locate the IMEI number on your LG device.

Option One is to drag down your notifications bar and Tap settings – System – About Phone, you will see from here the handsets phone number, serial number and IMEI number. Take a note of the IMEI number, you will need this later.

Option Two is a little simpler, from the keypad simply type in *#06#, this will also show the IMEI number.

Unlocking the LG smartphone

Now that you are sure the LG handset is locked and have located the IMEI number, you can now go ahead and have the device unlocked at MobileUnlocks. Simply follow the simple instructions on their site, and have your unlock code sent directly to you. It’s a simple as that.

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