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Saving customers millions of pounds

We all love our iPhones and iPads. If the latest rumours are true, the new iPhone will be another miracle of design that will make millions of people rush out to buy it.

But the decisions that are taken in the design stage, using a lot of glass, mean that a lot of people experience a broken iPhone.

The best place to get an iPhone or iPad fixed?

Of course, the right thing to do there is to go back to Apple and have them repair it, right? No. It's not the "right" thing, not just because they charge a lot for iPhone & iPad repairs.

By now a lot of you will have seen our adverts in Edinburgh and Glasgow, where we say that we have cheaper Apple repairs.

We train our team so that they can become certified by Apple for repairs, and we use the best quality screens that are available to us. So you can be sure that your iPhone or iPad will be fixed to the highest standard. We just don't charge as much as Apple.

A person holding a golf sale type sign that says, Cheaper Apple repairs at SimplyFixIt

SimplyFixIt is cheaper than Apple for repairs

How much cheaper?

SimplyFixIt is cheaper than Apple for all iPhone and iPad repairs. This includes screen repairs, battery replacements, charging port repairs. If something is wrong with your iPhone or iPad, you are going to save money if SimplyFixIt carry out the repair.

We decided to find out how much money we have saved people, by offering the same quality of repair at a lower price. We looked at the thousands of iPhone and iPad repairs that we have carried out since the 1st January 2013. We then compared our price to Apple's advertised prices.

The total amount saved by customers, since 1st January 2013, is

An iPad lying on top of the Financial Times newspaper.

These results are staggering, and remember that this total only covers iPhone and iPad repairs. We have not included the savings that customers have made on Mac repairs too, and they are likely to be even more impressive. Mac screen repairs at SimplyFixIt are up to £200 cheaper than Apple and the differences in prices for for liquid damaged Macs are even greater.

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