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Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen Repair

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Cracked Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen Repair

Before diving into details, let me say how frustrating it is as a company when someone needs your services and you can't help them. It's even more frustrating when you technically can help but other factors get in the way. Samsung Galaxy S phones have traditionally fallen into this category for us. We've always known how to fix them, but the cost of the genuine parts have been prohibitive.

A full Galaxy S3 screen assembly runs about £169. That's too much for most people to pay.

Don't put up with a broken Samsung Galaxy S3 screen

Working towards a cheaper solution.

We spent the last couple months investigating a few possible solutions to this problem. We discovered that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has an interesting construction. In particular, the digitiser (this is what senses your finger touches) is built directly into the LCD (the part that displays the picture). Samsung refers to this as Super AMOLED technology. This is different than most smartphones where the LCD, digitiser, and surface glass are three separate components that are all fused together. This fusion of parts means, even if the LCD and digitiser are still working fine, you need to replace them to replace the cracked glass.

Our hope was that this new construction of the Galaxy S3 would allow us to remove just the glass and reuse the LCD/digitiser. It's the LCD/digitiser combo that's the expensive part of the assembly. The glass is pretty inexpensive.

Through our research we discovered a set of tools and techniques that allowed us to separate just the glass from the rest of the components. The big trick, and what gave us the most trouble, was finding an optimal temperature to heat the surface glass to that allowed the removal of the glass from the LCD. If you don't get it hot enough, the adhesive holding the glass down doesn't loosen and you can break the LCD pulling on the glass. Get it too hot and you burn the LCD. Either way, you're shelling out for a full Galaxy S3 screen assembly. But if you get the temperature just right (we use an infrared thermometer to ensure this), the adhesive releases easily without damaging the LCD.

What does all this mean for you? It means you save a lot of money. Instead of paying £169 to get your cracked Galaxy S3 screen fixed you pay, at the time of this writing, £99 That price includes the parts, labour, and a 3 month warranty. In addition, we can get it fixed for you the same day you bring it into your new Waverley Steps Store. It currently takes about 2 hours but that should drop significantly over the coming month.

If you've been living with an ugly and cracked Samsung Galaxy S3 screen because it was too expensive to fix (or you didn't even know it could be fixed), you now have an affordable solution.

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