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RZR Silent Audio Editing PC

By Ross Cowe

The RZR Silent Audio Editing PC is exactly what you need if you're serious about creating professional sounding tracks. The components are enclosed in a Deep Silence Ultra Low Noise chassis equipped with noise-reducing material – so you won't hear a thing.

Inside, we professionally cable the system to make sure that there is absolutely nothing blocking the air from travelling optimally. This will help to keep things cool and will, in turn, allow the fans to run at a low rate thus not producing any noise. To help, we have chosen a modular power supply with advanced cable management.

The PC will boot in seconds from our 250GB SSD with an insane 540MB/s read speed.

The chassis comes in a variety of colours including black, silver and white. If you would prefer an alternative case (Fractal Design have been a popular alternative for us) then please feel free to ask a member of the sales team who will give you a revised quotation.

USB Ports: 9 (six are USB 3.0)
Video Output: VGA, DVI and HDMI
Dimensions: 207(W) x 468(H) x 588(D)mm

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