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Recovering photos

Generally we don't talk about specific customers or jobs. But sometimes we get such a warm feeling inside after completing a repair, that we want to share it.

A father emailed us, to say that his daughter was on a gap-year in Africa. She had been using her iPhone as a camera & diary and had hundreds of photos and stories. But the screen had broken. Luckily it was in warranty, so she posted the iPhone to him and he went to Apple in Glasgow to have it repaired.

Looking at a camera

Apple don't repair iPhones

But Apple don't repair iPhones. They replace them. And they were not able to get the photos off the iPhone because it would not power up. This was a big problem. The iPhone was worth a few hundred pounds, but the photos and the memories – they can't be replaced.

So he contacted SimplyFixIt and brought the iPhone in. Within a couple of hours, we had his iPhone working just like new. With a new screen and charging connector. But much more importantly, we retrieved every single photo and blog post that his daughter had recorded. It was a great feeling.

We actually have quite a few stories like that in our collection. A customer goes to one shop or another, and is told that their device is beyond repair, that their data is lost and that they should just buy a new one. We work differently. So, even if Apple have told you that data is lost, or that a MacBook Logic board is beyond repair, we can usually help.

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