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Octacore Multimedia PC

By Ross Cowe

This is a very powerful eight-core multimedia PC with dedicated high definition graphics, designed for those who are really looking for more in their home desktop.

The dedicated Radeon graphics card will perform brilliantly in any multi-media tasks such as photo editing, video streaming and even a little bit of light gaming. With plenty room for expansion and great value add-ons (if you even need them!), you might be wondering why you haven't ordered one of these earlier.

We can actually upgrade the RAM (system memory) to 16GB of RAM for just £45!

Now available with a 120GB SSD upgrade for just £65 – that's an extra 120GB of insanely quick storage space to make all of your programs load instantly!

USB Ports: 8 (four are USB 3.0)
Video Output: VGA, DVI and HDMI
Dimensions: 173mm (W) x 365mm (H) x 368mm (D)

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