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This 2-minute video from Martin Lewis could slash the cost of your mobile contract

Martin Lewis, the Money Saving Expert, says that mobile contracts are due to rise by around 8% from the , but that 14 million people could be paying too much. He made this quick video to explain how you can check - for free - if you are out of contract, and in a position to get a cheaper deal.

Here's Martin's full transcript of the video, which has been split up into the key points:

  1. Text INFO to 85075. It's free, and it will tell you whether you're one of 14 million people in the UK who are currently out of contract and free to switch. You can likely save a shed load. I should note that there are a few times it doesn't work, such as if you've got a contract where there are multiple phones in a household. In that case, if you've been with the same provider for more than two years, you're likely out of contract.
  2. Prices are rising 8% on 1 April. Now, the reason I'm doing this right now and had the thought while I'm having a walk is because at the start of April, prices on most mobile phone networks are going to rise 8%. Even if you’re mid-contract, which is absolutely outrageous they can do that.

    It's something I've written to the Chancellor and lobbied about, but we've not had any change on it yet. So it's a really good opportunity to see if you can save.
  3. You can use our Cheap Mobile Finder tool. As for what you can get, well, the best deals aren't direct. They're going through comparison sites where they put marketing budgets into giving you cheaper prices. You can currently get a 100GB/month of data Sim (the chip that goes in the back of your phone), for less than a tenner a month.
  4. Like your signal? See if you can switch to another network which 'piggybacks' on it. A lot of people are paying far more for less now. And what you're probably saying to me is, "Yeah, I like my signal. I don't want to change it."

    If you remember, there were only four mobile networks in the UK; every other one is piggybacking off of one of those four. So if you want to do a comparison that says, "What's the cheapest deal on the signal that I currently have?" - The Cheap Mobile Finder on Money Savings Expert can do that type of search and see what's available.

Right now, you can get a SIM card for as little as £7 a month. Imagine that? 6GB data, UNLIMITED texts and UNLIMITED minutes for only £7 a month.

Cheapest PriceData AllowanceNetwork
£715GBiD Mobile
£1060GBiD Mobile
£15300GBiD Mobile

Please note: Some networks charge more for less, so there might be strange results in this table. But overall, there will be some absolute bargains.

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