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Trade in your Mac

Thinking of buying yourself a new Mac? Your current MacBook is still working, but you need a bit more power and the screen on those new Macs is amazing.

What should you do with your current MacBook? Simple. Trade it in at SimplyFixIt and get money off a new model. We guarantee that we will offer you more money than either the Reuse and Recycling Programme that Apple operates and the Trade-In program at PC World.

Trade in your existing Apple computer against a newer model.

Trade In your Mac

We can use your existing Apple computer to reduce the cost of a new Apple Mac – even if it doesn't work. Just fill out the form below with details of your existing Mac, and the model that you're looking to replace it with and we will reply with an offer that will save you money.

Of course, the offer assumes that your current Apple computer is in the condition that you stated and that you will include the charger, or original Apple Keyboard & mouse in the case of an iMac. If your Mac has any cosmetic issues, including engraving, dents or scratches then the trade-in value will most likely be affected. But unlike Apple or PC World, we may still offer you money for a Mac that doesn't start up.

Which Mac do I have?

If you can provide us with the serial number for your Mac then we can get all the information we need. Apple have a guide on their website explaining how to find your serial number. If your Mac can't start up then you should visit your nearest SimplyFixIt and speak with a technician. They will book in your Mac and give it a check-over and then contact you with the value.

Check your Serial Number for free.

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