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Ideal Litecoin Mining

This entry-level Mining PC has been specially designed for mining Litecoins, and other internet currencies at the fastest, most efficient rate. It includes two AMD Radeon R9 280X graphics cards as standard, generating up to 1440 KHash in Litecoin.
The graphics cards are powered by a gold rated 750W Corsair power supply and kept cool inside a Corsair 230Tcase. The Corsair 230T chassis, from the Graphite Series cases, meets at the intersection of high performance and dramatic design. The front intake fans are bathed in soft LED light, and the sculpted exterior helps us present you with a fast system that looks stylish.

To keep the price low it includes a cost-efficient AMD A4 4000 CPU, 4GB of RAM and 60GB SSD. You can even chose which version of Microsoft Windows you want, Windows 7 or 8.1 Home Premium 64 bit.

Dimensions: 505 x 210 x 440mm
USB Ports: 10, 2 front and 8 rear (4 are USB 3.0)

There are also many options for upgrades or customising your Litecoin Miner. We can simply install even more powerful graphics cards or design you an entirely different system from scratch. Some of our most enthusiastic Litecoin miners have asked for four graphics cards to run simultaneously! Just ask our sales team to give you a quote based on your specifications.

If you would to know more about Litecoins please visit the official Litecoin website,

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