SimplyFixIt are following the guidance of the Scottish Government in relation to the local restrictions. If you live close to a shop you can visit any of the stores and speak to a technician. For customers who live further away and who send their devices to us, we will continue to fix your devices. Follow the steps below for more information.

Are you near to Edinburgh or Glasgow?

Repairs for Edinburgh or Glasgow based customers

As per the latest (18 Jan, 2021) Scottish Government guidance, we can still contine to safely fix your devices. At the moment, members of the public are only allowed inside our shops for the minimum amount of time, but you can come and drop off your iPhone, iPad or computer and we will fix it for you.

If you have a printer, then please download and print this form, so that we have all the information that we need. Don't worry if you don't have a printer, we can provide you with the form when you arrive. At the store, you may be asked to wait outside if there are already customers inside the shop, but just ring the bell and we will go outside to collect the form and device from you.

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