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Extending Your iPod Battery Life

The box says the battery should last 12 hours, but your iPod just went dead after eight. So what gives? Well, the 12-hour approximation doesn't take the full functionality of your iPod into account. Using features like backlighting and menu commands (such as searching for specific songs or artists) drain power & and shorten iPod battery life.

The good news is that there are some tips and tricks that will get the most life out of your player.


Reset Your iPod to the Default Settings

  1. Make sure the hold switch is off.
  2. Connect the iPod to a power adapter, then connect the adapter to an outlet or your computer's firewire port.
  3. Press and hold the play and menu buttons together for 5 seconds, until the Apple logo appears.


Use the hold button when playing music.
When engaged, the hold button disables any power to your iPod's controls, saving power. Just slide the hold switch toward the headphone jack to turn it on.


Change the Backlight Settings
The backlight can drain a great deal of power. Unless you need it, turn it off altogether (Choose SETTINGS→ BACKLIGHT TIME→ OFF). If you need the backlight for low-light situations, adjust the setting to turn it turn off after a few seconds.


Disable the Equalizer
The equalizer constantly changes music’s sound properties. Disabling this feature also extends your battery life (Choose SETTINGS → EQ → OFF).


Create Playlists
Choosing songs, artists, and other menu items manually will cut battery life. Create and use playlists and you'll get a longer listening period.


Keep It Cool
Keep your iPod out of the sun or hot car. Heat degrades performance.


Use the Hold Button
Turn your iPod off by pressing the play button for 2 seconds. Then turn on the Hold button to make sure it doesn'€™t inadvertently get turned back on.


Just Use It
Use your iPod regularly to keep the electrons moving in your lithium-based battery. And charge it at least once per month.

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