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Customising your iPhone Lock Screen in iOS 16

Earlier this month, Apple released their latest version of phone software: iOS 16.

As always, the update comes with loads of new features. Some will change how you use your iPhone forever, and others are just really neat. Today, we’ll look at the new Lock Screen and how you can personalise it with a fresh wallpaper and font.

Not been offered the update yet? Click Settings > General > Software update

The update is bigger than 2GB, so I’d recommend connecting to WiFi before you press download.

Setting the right picture

To begin, just hold your finger on (long-press) the lock screen. You should see the ‘customise’ button appear.


iPhone iOS 16 lock screen edit customise button

First up, you’ll probably want to choose your favourite photo. Click the photo icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

Many photos can automatically appear as layered, meaning if you choose a picture with a rather prominent figure or subject matter, it will appear in front of the time and widget display. In contrast, everything else (the background) will appear behind the time. Have a look at the example below:

iPhone iOS 16 lock screen select photo wallpaper button

Next, you can ask your iPhone to categorise your photos intelligently, so you can quickly find something nice or exciting. For example, I found a picture of The Twelve Apostles I took during my time in Australia (look, I know there are only eight of them standing). It’s a great feature for finding some of your most colourful and beautiful photos — even if they had (temporarily) escaped your memory.

Just click through the buttons at the top to see what your iPhone finds, or you can click ‘Albums’ at the top to browse through your images yourself.

iPhone iOS 16 select photo for lock screen

Changing the style

Once you have chosen a photo and are happy with it, try different styles. Just swipe left, and you can rotate through the different styles on offer, including black & white, and duotone.

iPhone iOS 16 change style of wallpaper to black and white swipe gesture

Fixing the font

Fun fact: I often get this wrong, but a typeface is the name of a collection of related fonts. Font refers to a typeface's weight, width, and style. So Arial and Times New Roman are, in fact, a typeface.

The first thing I noticed when I updated my iPhone to iOS 16 was the font (typeface). Actually, it was maybe how bright everything seemed, but after that, it was definitely the font. You can edit the style by clicking the clock. There are eight choices of font and a full range of colours; swipe left on the dots at the bottom to browse the selection.

iPhone iOS 16 clock font and colour selection screen

Pinch to crop

Finally, you might want to zoom in to your picture to increase the focus on the primary subject matter, like a picture of somebody where there’s just too much background. Just pinch outwards as shown below and you will zoom into the photo. You can also drag the picture left/right to centre it.

iPhone iOS 16 set lock screen photo pinch to zoom gesture

Finishing up

Once you’re happy with the way everything looks, hit the done button.

iPhone iOS 16 finished editing lock screen button

You’ll be asked whether you would like a blurred version of this picture to be set automatically as your Home Screen wallpaper (as the background to your screen when it’s not locked) or if you prefer to customise your Home Screen separately.

I think the blurred version is easier to get used to and removes clutter and distractions to an otherwise rather busy screen, but it’s a personal preference, and there’s no right or wrong choice.

iPhone iOS 16 set wallpaper or customise home screen dialogue

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