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Calling all designers & artists

Would you like to have your artwork on display directly outside the Apple retail store on Princes St. Edinburgh, visible for thousands of people to see?

Image of the SimplyFixIt advert outside the Apple store on Princes Street Edinburgh

SimplyFixIt are offering an artist or designer the chance to design the advert we will show on our Apple Store bus-stop for the month of November.

SimplyFixIt advertise on the bus stop at the east end of Princes St, directly outside the door of the Apple Store. The advert is seen by thousands of people who pass it every day. But also, when the Apple Retail Store opens, it will be seen by the masses of people who will visit there. These include decision makers in design agencies, recruitment people at creative companies and in general, people who can give you more work.

We are looking for an original design that highlights the fact that we too want Apple customers to “think different” when it comes to repairing their devices. We all buy the products from Apple, but if they break, SimplyFixIt can offer the same level of service at a much cheaper price.

It will go on display for a minimum 4 weeks during November. We are not looking for a mundane corporate poster. We want you to express your artistic skills, while remembering that this is an advert

Let’s go through the boring bits.

  • This is not a free work request. We will pay our usual rate for design (i.e. the rate that we pay the advertising agency who has done our past adverts.
  • The design must advertise SimplyFixIt and / or our services.
  • There are certain limits imposed on us by Apple about how we can portray their products.
  • The decision will be made by managers of SimplyFixIt using purely arbitrary reasons. I don’t know art, but I know what I like.
  • We may use the advert again, so we would ask that you commit to not using it again for commercial use. (So for example, you couldn’t sell the advert to another company just by changing the name of the shop).

Please send me some images from your portfolio or, if you have an idea for an advert, send your mocks (in jpg, psd or pdf format), with a brief cover letter, to [email protected] before .

We can then meet up to talk about the design.

Good luck.

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