Hard Drives, Hybrid Drive, Solid State Drives

Which storage is best?

Our colleagues in Ideal Computing have put together a guide on which is the best storage device for you to have in your new computer.

Hard Drives – HDD

Hard drives are the oldest of the three technologies and are based on spinning disks with a head that sits microns above, that reads and writes the data magnetically. The disks spin incredibly quickly – between 5,400 and 7,200 times a minute!

Solid State Drives – SSD

SSDs are much faster and more reliable than their Hard Drive counterparts. SSDs are one of the best upgrades that can be made to a new or existing computer, as they make a system so much more responsive. Windows will load in around 10 seconds and your programs will snap open instantly. Solid State Drives also benefit from using less power, generating less heat, and being completely silent.

Hybrid Drives – SSHD

SSHDs combine a conventional hard drive with 8GB of fast Flash Storage, that appears to the computer as just one hard drive. Clever algorithms determine the most important files and move them onto the SSD automatically to make your system work as fast as possible.
Ideal Computing – HDD, Hybrid Drive, SSD – What Do I Choose?

In Apple computers, Solid State Drives, or SSDs, are also more commonly called Flash Drives. My advice to anyone with a computer is to get an SSD installed so that Windows boots faster. Even if you have a small SSD for Microsoft Windows and then add a large capacity Hard Drive, that’s going to be much better than what you are experiencing now.

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