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10% off Power Banks for Pokémon Go players

Pokémon Go fever is the biggest thing to happen to mobile gaming for a long time and the great news is that you play outdoors, and get rewarded for the further you walk. Is it the first computer game that's actually good for you? Maybe, but is it good for your battery?

Pokémon Go inevitably drains your phone's battery life because it uses the camera, the GPS and data connection at the same time. Having a power pack in your back pocket to charge your phone battery on the go is a must-have for all true fans.

You can have all the tips, cheats and shortcuts in the world but you’ll never catch ‘em all if your battery runs out.

Discount on Power Banks

SimplyFixIt has 2,000mAh Power Banks from £10, which can charge an iPhone at least once without needing to find a power source. If you want bigger capacity, for example to charge more than once or to charge multiple phones, we have them too.

But if you show your Pokémon character to us, you will save 10% off the price. So don't lose out, stay fully charged and remember - you gotta catch 'em all

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