At SimplyFixIt, we don’t offer repairs for Samsung phones. But we do get a lot of questions about them, and that’s why we feel it’s important that we are clued up enough that we can offer you the best advice possible.

We have experience with most repair centres in Edinburgh who claim to fix several devices, including Samsung phones, and we have found that the best place to get your Samsung phone fixed is the Samsung Experience store on Princes Street, Edinburgh. Not only do they use genuine Samsung parts, but they have a lot of really great reviews for friendly customer service.

So, if you have one of the Samsung phones listed below, give them a call. You might be pleasantly surprised that the manufacturer is offering better service than most other independent repair centres.

Note: If you’re looking to unlock your Samsung phone, it’s best to check our article here

Samsung, Edinburgh

  • 88 Princes Street, Edinburgh EH2 2ER
  • Tel: 0131 285 4911
  • Product range: Smartphones, tablets, wearables, accessories, TV and audio
  • Services: Repairs, free group workshops, 1-2-1 tutorials, data transfers and device setups.

Samsung Galaxy S Phone Repairs

Galaxy S2

Galaxy S3

Galaxy S3 Mini

Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4 Mini

Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 Mini

Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6 Edge

Galaxy S7

Galaxy S7 Edge

Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy J Phone Repairs

Galaxy J3

Galaxy J5

Galaxy J7

Samsung Galaxy Note Repairs

Galaxy Note 2

Galaxy Note 3

Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 5

Galaxy Note 7

Galaxy Note Edge

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