iPhone Home Button Repair

Broken iPhone home button on your iPhone?

You press and press and press the iPhone home button, yet nothing happens, or maybe sometimes you get it to respond. Pressing it harder isn’t always the best idea since you risk breaking other feature with increased pressure. iPhone Home button failure is a very common issue with all models of iPhones, new and old. You need to get an iPhone home button repair from SimplyFixIt. When you’re surfing through your iPhone apps, the last thing you need is a home button that won’t function. As frustrating as this can be, there is a simple solution. Send your damaged iPhone to our certified engineers for a “home” iPhone button repair. At SimplyFixIt, we’re experts at putting the pieces back in place to make your iPhone look and operate like new again.

What we will do.

Supply of the home button assembly. Our engineers time to remove the old pieces and to refit the new parts. A full test of the device to ensure the repairs have resolved the faults that you were experiencing. An iPhone home button repair is fast and affordable when completed by one of our own Certified Apple Technicians.

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