Broken Home button on your iPhone?

You press and press the iPhone Home button, yet nothing happens. Or, maybe sometimes you get it to respond. But pressing it harder isn’t always the best idea, since you risk breaking other features with increased pressure. iPhone Home button failure is a very common issue with all models of iPhones, new and old. You need to get an iPhone home button repair from SimplyFixIt.

When you’re surfing through your iPhone apps, the last thing you need is a home button that won’t function. As frustrating as this can be, there is a simple solution. Send your damaged iPhone to our certified engineers for a “Home” iPhone button repair. At SimplyFixIt, we’re experts at putting the pieces back in place to make your iPhone look and operate like new again.

Home Buttons with Fingerprint Reader

The Home button on a newer iPhone, including the iPhone 5s onwards, is fairly unique. It recognises your thumbprint and thus integrates a higher level of security which instantly authorises the user to access the personal data stored on the iPhone, log into mobile banking Apps, and even make payments with Apple Pay.

Because this button is so important, Apple designed each iPhone so that only one single Home Button would be compatible. This way it wasn’t possible for security to be compromised by replacing the Home Button with another, with a more relaxed identity checker.

At SimplyFixIt, we’re really successful at fixing your original Home button, which allows you to keep full functionality of your device. Right now, not even Apple offer this type of repair. However, if your Home button is significantly damaged and needs to be replaced, we can offer a new button without thumbprint reading ability.

SimplyFixIt is much cheaper than a visit to the Apple store

If you visited the Apple store today with a faulty Home button on an iPhone 6, Apple would quote £306 to resolve that (and they would swap your iPhone with a refurbished model), whereas it’s just £69 at SimplyFixIt. That includes the part if needed, and our technicians are certified by Apple.

What about my data?

Apple ask you to back up your iphone before you visit. That’s because they don’t fix these types of issues in-store, rather they are going to send your iPhone away and will offer you a refurbished model in its place. That means if you don’t back up, you may (are likely to) lose some of your personal data.

At SimplyFixIt, we have Apple certified technicians working in-store. We don’t send your device away, and we will never delete any of your data. You should keep a regular back up of your iPhone as a matter of good practice, but it’s not necessary to visit our store for a repair. We will also fix your iPhone quickly, and you don’t even need to book an appointment. Get in touch below if youd like more information, else walk in to your nearest SimplyFixIt branch today for a repair.

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