iPad Not Charging

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Is the broken dock / charging port on your iPad not charging, and leaving you feeling disconnected?

When you plug in your iPad to charge and nothing happens, it’s probably because your dock connector / iPad charging port is malfunctioning. As frustrating as this can be, there is a simple solution. Send your damaged iPad to our certified engineers for a dock connector repair. At Simplyfixit, we’re experts at putting the pieces back in place to make your iPad look and operate like new again.

iPad not charging – What we will do.

Supply of the dock connector assembly. Our engineers time to remove the old pieces and to refit the new parts.
A full test of the device to ensure the repairs have resolved the faults that you were experiencing.

The common causes of a iPad not charging is often related to iPad battery issues or because of damaged pins on a dock connector plug. Accidental damage to your iPad can also dislodge or loosen internal components relating to charging as well. Our qualified Apple Certified Technicians will assess the problems and make any repairs to get your iPad charging again.

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